Urea - 24 hours urine (Kidney Disease)

Urea - 24 hours urine

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Send 10 ml aliquot of 24 hours urine. Do not use preservatives. Record 24 hour urine volume on TRF and sample container.

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Kidney disease can be a silent killer, with symptoms not presenting themselves until irreversible damage has been done. This is why the Urea - 24 hours test is recommended for those who are at risk. This test measures the level of urea in a person's urine over a 24-hour period, providing an accurate picture of kidney function. The test detects the early onset of any potential kidney disease, gives insight into how well the kidneys are functioning, and helps healthcare professionals recommend appropriate treatment. The Urea - 24 hours test provided by Ampath Lab, Hyderabad, is a reliable test that can help individuals take control of their health and prevent the onset of any serious health problems.