Dengue Qualitative - PCR

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Specimen should be centrifuged within one hour of collection.

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Male & Female

Price: ₹ 5000

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The Dengue Qualitative - PCR - Plasma test is a highly recommended test for individuals who are looking to keep track of their overall health. This test is specifically designed to detect the presence of Dengue virus in the plasma samples of patients. There are many benefits of doing the Dengue Qualitative - PCR - Plasma test, as it offers a more accurate and reliable diagnosis of the disease compared to other conventional methods. Dengue virus is known to cause high fever, severe headache, and other flu-like symptoms, making it vital for early detection to prevent further health complications. With the Dengue Qualitative - PCR - Plasma test by Ampath Lab, Hyderabad, individuals can undergo a simple yet effective diagnostic procedure to ensure their overall health is in check.