Allergy Panel - Adult Comprehensive (Peanut,Wheat,Soyabean,Cow Milk,Egg White,Cod Fish,Shrimp, Blue mussel, Dermatophagoides Farinae,Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus,House Dust Greer,Cockroach, Cat Dander,Dog Dander,Alternaria Alternata,Aspergillus Fumigatu

Allergy Panel - Adult Comprehensive

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The Allergy Panel - Adult Comprehensive test offered by Ampath Lab in Hyderabad is a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of allergies. It includes testing for common allergens like peanuts, wheat, soybean, cow milk, and egg whites. Additionally, it examines lesser known allergens such as cod fish, shrimp, and blue mussel, as well as common environmental allergens like dust, cockroaches, and pet dander. The test also assesses various plant allergens like ragweed, pigweed, and grasses. By getting this test done, individuals can gain a better understanding of the allergens that trigger their symptoms and take preventative measures to avoid them. With this knowledge, managing allergies becomes easier and overall health can be greatly improved.