Lab technology

AmPath has equipped itself with technology platforms that bridge the world of pathology today into the world of pathology tomorrow. We partner with top international vendors to ensure our lab infrastructure matches the latest available testing equipment. Highlights of our cutting-edge platforms include:

  • Laboratory Information System (LIS) – Our LIS forms the backbone of our clinical operations and enables us to deliver services to our clients that go beyond those of our competitors. Designed from the ground-up by a software team with extensive medical expertise and with input from highly-trained pathologists, our complex LIS allows AmPath to achieve unparalleled levels of clinical competence and customer support.
  • Flow Cytometry – Our flow cytometer features 3 lasers with 10 colors. As a result, it boasts the ability to refine data and results more closely than labs with less sophisticated equipment that uses fewer lasers or colors. Additionally, AmPath analyzes specimens using a broad spectrum of antibodies. For your patients, the combination of these advantages translates to AmPath’s ability to deliver precise, wide-ranging results even when small-sized samples and identify diseases in earlier, more treatable stages.
  • Tuberculosis – We offer DNA strip-based rapid diagnostic and drug susceptibility tests that can produce results in a matter of hours instead of weeks and tests across a very wide range of MTB and MOTT drug sensitivities. This level of speed and range of testing platforms allow for prescription of the right treatment right away. It minimizes costs and side effects of unnecessary drugs and also slows the spread of MDR and XDR TB strains. We conduct these tests via real-time PCR, yielding incredibly high sensitivity for both respiratory and non-respiratory samples.