US clinical and operations oversight

Designed and overseen by UPMC pathologists, AmPath offers the highest-end theranostic laboratory solutions across the country. Unlike other reference labs, AmPath has created and organized its battery of tests to match the needs of today’s clinicians. In addition to routine tests encompassing hematology, clinical biochemistry, immunology, microbiology and histopathology, AmPath provides the latest world class platforms such as:

  • Unique 10 color Flowcytometry for immunophenotyping and monitoring of hematolymphoid malignancies, which allows intricate leukemia work-up with only ‘single-tube’ processing detecting cancers at an earlier, more treatable stage
  • Complete automation in histopathology, including tissue processing and immunohistochemistry, which results in unsurpassable turn-around-time for biopsy reports
  • Complete automation in FISH (Fluorescent in-situ Hybridization), which greatly enhances the detection rate of genetic translocations and mutant chromosomal aberrations
  • Automation in PCR that provides maximal sensitivity in test results in situations such as detection at low viral loads